Projects Out for Bid

Forsyth 2022-2023 LMIG

Bids 03/21/2023 [link]

Charlton Co.- Dixie Lake

Bids 03/23/2023 [link]

Charlton Co.- 2023 LMIG

Bids 03/23/2023 [link]

Blackshear WSI: Maple Ln. Area

Bids 04/11/2023 [link]


Scotland 2021 SFRF- Sewer Rehab

Bids 04/11/2023 [link]

Vidalia- WSI McIntosh St

Bids04/12/2023 [link]


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Hofstadter & Associates, Inc.

4571 Arkwright Road
Macon, GA 31210

27 Tippins St
Baxley, GA 31513